So, we have all heard the phrases “Look the Part” or “Dress for Success”.  They get tossed around so much that we do not really analyze what that means on an individual level. This is

If you are reading this article, then odds are you are really good at what you do.  People who are really good at what they do seek out ways to improve.  They want to always

Much like there are music and movie genres, there are fashion genres.  Knowing and understanding your genre can be a valuable tool in cultivating your personal brand.  There is a slight debate over how many

Ah summer.  It brings so many delightful things: time outdoors, longer days, and fun in the water.  However, it can be a nightmare when it is time to dress for your job.  Unfortunately, many professional

Your body type can play a big role in how you dress and what clothing items you purchase.  Many times when you try on an item and it does not look right it is because

Body type.  It is a phrase that is thrown around a lot in the image and styling world.  Many women are concerned about their body type.  What is it?  How can it be used to

Because it is not like looking good in person.  If you are in the professional world then you have been drilled on the importance of “looking professional, “dressing the part”, and “dressing for success”.  You

Hello Spring!  The trees are blooming, the weather is warmer (some days), and its time to freshen up our looks for a new year and new season.  This season’s trend reports held some fall carryovers

How can your image be your billboard?  What does that mean?  Billboards send us messages.  They let us know what a business is about.  How they can help us and why we should pay attention

We are in a new frontier of business development.  It requires a new skill set: well-cultivated personal branding.  Coaching, personal services, manufacturing, retail, and sales are becoming more and more about personal relationships and marketing