Much like there are music and movie genres, there are fashion genres.  Knowing and understanding your genre can be a valuable tool in cultivating your personal brand.  There is a slight debate over how many

Ah summer.  It brings so many delightful things: time outdoors, longer days, and fun in the water.  However, it can be a nightmare when it is time to dress for your job.  Unfortunately, many professional

Your body type can play a big role in how you dress and what clothing items you purchase.  Many times when you try on an item and it does not look right it is because

Hello Spring!  The trees are blooming, the weather is warmer (some days), and its time to freshen up our looks for a new year and new season.  This season’s trend reports held some fall carryovers

This year’s trend reports overflowed with ideas and inspiration; however, for the purpose of personal branding and keeping within a more “professional” arena I have chosen the top twelve that can be easily incorporated into any work wardrobe.