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Alexander Personal Image Styling

Which Styling Service Is Right For You?

Personal and Audience Analysis

To create the perfect personal brand we must analyze two factors: you and your desired audience. I guide you through a series of questions all about you. Your likes and dislikes, styling strengths and weaknesses, and career life. Then we do a deep dive on your desired clientele and career goals. What do you need to feel successful? What audience will help you get there? What image clues do they respond to? This analysis will help us determine the ideal personal brand that will be genuine to you while also appealing to your dream clients.

Closet Shop

This is the first step in the wardrobe planning part of personal branding. A closet shop is exactly what it sounds like, we shop your closet. What better place to start your professional image makeover journey than in your own closet? Many people are unaware of the gems they already own until a second pair of eyes shows them a whole new way of wearing it and pairing it with other pieces. I will inspect every piece you already own and then discuss what to keep and the many ways to wear it. We will also decide what may need to go.

Shopping Advisement

After we take inventory of the beautiful wardrobe you already have, now it is time to fill in the gaps. We will make a list of the specific items you are missing so that the shopping experience is streamlined and purposeful. This makes things simpler for those who hate shopping yet more focused for those who tend to love shopping a little too much. I make sure all purchases are necessary and part of your overall branding plan. This will save not only time but money.

Makeup and Hair Tutorials

Makeup and hair tutorials are 90 minutes of learning whatever you want to know. Using what you already own and the pro products in my kit, I will answer your most burning makeup and hair questions. How do I properly contour my face shape? What's the difference between a day and evening look? How do I use this particular product that I have owned for months and never used? How can I wear my hair out of my face but still look chic? How do I translate these looks to on camera? What the best product for my needs? You pick the questions and I provide the answers and technique guidance.

Video Training Series

Not ready for one on one training? Are you looking for a DIY experience where you can learn on your own time? Check out my online training video portal. While a lot of personal branding is highly subjective and does require individual advisement; there are some areas that are universal. I am currently producing video training series that cover these universal areas that can be purchased and viewed on your own time. Check out our current library by clicking the button below.