2022 Spring Trends for the Professional Wardrobe

Hello Spring!  The trees are blooming, the weather is warmer (some days), and its time to freshen up our looks for a new year and new season.  This season’s trend reports held some fall carryovers but also featured new trends that, lucky for us, lends very well to professional and on camera wardrobes.  Here are a few highlights and how to incorporate them into your personal brand.

Bold Colors

This trend was featured heavily in the fall but makes even more sense in the spring and summer.  Hot fuchsia, orange, and yellow lit up the runways.  The pro of this trend is that bright colors are ideal for on camera professional looks as well as in person ones.  They stand out, get you noticed, and make people happy.  If you tend to be more introverted, try keeping your pop of bold color minimal in one garment piece.  Another option is to add color through your accessories.  A colorful bag or belt can be more office-palatable then a full orange suit.


This one can be a little tricky if you do not subscribe to the feminine fashion genre.  The good thing is designers are thinking outside of the box.  If traditional calico is not your thing, consider looking for a more abstract floral pattern; for example water color style or oversized petals.  Florals are also being added to other prints such as animal or abstract. One caution if you are in broadcasting, camera test florals well.  Small florals can pixelate and larger ones can cut the body at weird angles causing it to look distorted.


Perhaps as a backlash from Covid-era lounge wear, tailored suits, skirts, and dresses were on most runways this season.  People want to dress up again.  This is wonderful for the professional dress arena.  Polish off your power suits and blazers.  This is not to say that everything should be overly buttoned up and boring.  Try adding tailored pieces to flowy pieces.  Add the blazer to your jeans or your favorite t-shirt to your pencil skirt.  As long as it does not violate your office dress code or your audiences’ trust cues have fun.

The 70’s through the 90’s

Three separate decades are making a comeback.  Well, honestly, they have been for about the last three seasons but for the first time they were all represented equally on the runways.  70’s pants, 80’s shoulders, and 90’s jewelry and footwear were sometimes all combined into the same look.  Clothing from the past “coming back” can make some people uncomfortable but be honest everyone has one trend they miss.  If either of these decades was secretly your favorite, then go nuts.  Just remember to make it an “inspired by” look and not a dated costume.

Oversized Everything

Voluminous pants, long flowy shirts, and double wide blazers all dominated on the runways.  This sounds scary but if you play around with opposite proportions, it can create an interesting and flattering look.  This is where knowing your true body type and how to dress it becomes very important.  In the coming months I will be focusing on all the body types and how to properly dress them.  The key is do not overdue oversized.  If the blazer is wide keep everything underneath form fitting.  If the pants are flowy the top should not be.  This trend should also be kept off camera.  Translating proportions on screen can be very tricky.  Leave this look to in person appearances only.

Photo by Rulo Davila from Pexels