Fashion Genres – part 2

Much like there are music and movie genres, there are fashion genres. 

Knowing and understanding your genre can be a valuable tool in cultivating your personal brand.  There is a slight debate over how many genres there are and what they should be called.  I have found in my styling experience there are eight primary classifications. 

This is part two of a series of posts on this topic.  If you missed Fashion Genres part 1 you can check it out here.


The Beachy genre is a cousin to the Boho genre I covered in Fashion Genres part 1.  Flowy pieces can make an appearance, but true beach lovers tend to keep things structured as well.  Cut off shorts, tank tops, floppy hats, flowy button-down shirts, and stripped resort wear get your fashion juices flowing.

Transitioning this genre to the workspace can be tricky.  Since we associate these items with vacation and time off in the sun they often to not send a message of professionalism.  However, over the years dressier versions of these garments have hit the marketplace.  Many industries have come around to the fact that dressing professionally in hot weather can be a challenge.  Designers have looked to the Beachy genre to inspire elevated versions of resort items.  Look for linen and silk shorts, kimono style tunics in solid colors (prints tend to read more casual), and short sleeved blazers that can elevate tank tops.

With a little out of the box thinking you can attract your audience and stay true to your preference. 


This genre is all about embracing your girly side.  Flowers, ruffles, eyelet lace, full skirts, and pearls fill your closet if you embrace the Feminine.  Like Classic (click here to learn more if you missed it), Feminine tends to be dressier and naturally office-ready. 

The one caveat is this genre can come off juvenile when not done correctly.  It can also look dated.  Take special note to modernize hair and makeup when you dress Feminine.  Also, keep silhouettes appropriate for your body type.  If you do not know your body type check out my previous posts Determining Your Body Type and How Do You Dress Your Body Type? Making sure the fit is correct will allow the look to read age appropriate.


Androgenous dressing or dressing “off gender” has been having a moment since Diane Keaton popularized it in the 1977 movie Annie Hall.  The androgenous woman embraces suits, penny loafers, fedora hats, low riding cargo shorts, boy-cut jeans, and double-breasted blazers.  The androgenous man embraces skirts, skinny jeans, layered jewelry, and heeled shoes.

While Androgenous dress can be used to communicate one’s sexual identity as a fashion genre it is more associated with a person who though they identify as their sis sexual assignment they prefer the dress of the opposite sex.  Whether it be for comfort or artistic expression they like to gender bend. 

In the workplace this can be tricky if your audience is more conservative and traditional.  A deep analysis should be run on your career goals and dream clients.  Will Androgenous work or should your look be steered more towards Classic or Minimalist where outfits tend to be gender neutral thus making all parties involved comfortable?


With Minimalists less is more.  Simple garments paired together with little to no accessorizing.  Minimalists tend to not like shopping.  They prefer capsule wardrobes where the choices are low.  This is not to say that they are not fashionable or stylish. 

Minimalists like quality or quantity.  Since they are keeping the item count low, they spring for higher end pieces.  Fabric choice becomes very important since it will be the star of the outfit show.  If they accessorize at all it is usually with a couple key pieces that go with anything, a high end watch, delicate chain necklace, and small hoop earrings for example.

Being a Minimalist can be a great thing.  Its economical, efficient, and easy to maintain.  The downside is that it can be boring.  It can also look lazy when not done correctly.  Since the primary purpose of a well cultivated personal brand is to get you noticed and communicate work ethic these are two things you do not want. 

Do not fear, low key style can still get noticed.  Up the accessorizing a touch since shine catches the eye.  Also, play with color.  A minimalist blue dress will catch more eyes than a black one. 

I hope this has given you a new way to think about your personal style.  It is also a great tool for simplifying the shopping process.  As always follow Alexander Personal Image Styling on Instagram @alexanderpersonalimagestyling for more tips and tricks on your personal brand journey.  If you would like more subjective help I would love to connect.  Schedule a free one on one consultation with me.