What Image Cues Resonate With Your Audience?

How can your image be your billboard?  What does that mean?  Billboards send us messages.  They let us know what a business is about.  How they can help us and why we should pay attention to them.  In short, they are about getting our attention. 

Your image is serving this purpose in the networking mixer, in the boardroom, in your online video.  Much like how a billboard tells people in an instant while driving by what, who, and why a business is, your personal brand can do the same.  Only instead of written words and pictures your image uses visual cues.

We all respond to visual cues every day.  Many times we do not even realize we are doing it.  Think of how you feel when you see beautiful flowers versus a dirty sidewalk or a crystal clear lake versus a dark mud puddle.  I have said before that people start making judgments about people within seven seconds of seeing them for the first time.  Visual cues play a big role in what those judgments are.

Step 1

So how do you make sure you are sending the right message?  Image and judgments are subjective.  Especially in our evolving business world the definition of “professional” or “trustworthy” is not set in stone.  The first step is to properly identify your target audience.  I go in depth about this step in my post Who Is YOUR Audience. 

Step 2

Go through the analysis questions I layout in that post to get a grasp on their professional personality, values, and preferences.  This will tell you a lot about what visual cues jump out at them when they meet people. 

Another technique is to pay close attention to how they cultivate their personal brands.  How to they dress?  What is their messaging?  What lifestyle factors may alter their image therefore they look for that in others?  What do they avoid or complain about?

Step 3

Analyze yourself.  Is there anything in your brand preferences that may conflict with the preferences of your audience?  If there is not then you have further proof that they are your dream clients.  However, if there are some conflicts it is not necessarily a deal breaker. 

My favorite example to give is that of the individual that sways more towards the rocker genre in their personal style yet is in an industry that attracts a conservative clientele.  It is possible to find a medium between the two that not only makes the individual feel genuine but may act as a beacon to the unlikely dream client since it is out of their own branding norm.

Audience analysis can be very overwhelming and this is just scratching the surface of what it means to cultivate effective image cues.  If you want help discovering YOUR perfect audience and brand follow me on Instagram and join my mailing list to start your journey today.