How A Personal Brand Can Cut Your Work In Half

We all know that dressing up and looking good can be fun.  It boosts our confidence and makes us feel good but did you know that it also serves a very important business function?  It can do 50% of your work for you.


According to a 2019 sales industry study 50% – 90% of a buyer’s journey is wrapped up in exploring solutions to the problem they need to solve and comparing vendors.  With the internet a lot of this is done before they set a meeting with you, the sales rep. 

This means that your personal brand, image, and reputation is all they will use to determine if you get a chance to use your message to sell them.  It also means they are combing through a lot of your competition and will use the slightest image cue to make comparisons and try to thin the possibilities list.

Almost everyone is in some type of sales

Now you might be saying to yourself “but I’m not a sales rep”.  Well guess what? You are. 

Anyone that is cultivating a career where you must gain clients or set yourself apart from competition is a sales rep. 

Competition comes in many forms.  It may be the obvious, people that work for your company’s competitor or it could be your co-workers going for the same promotion as you.  If you are a teacher, it could be students signing up for your class over another professor that teaches the same course.  Even medical appointments are booked by some based on the headshot a physician puts on their website.

What personal image really is

The bottom line is this . . . image is your billboard.  Image is your attention getter.  Image is what lands you the conversation, the opportunity for the sale, the click on social media. 

It is what gets your audience to stop channel surfing and watch your commercial or your online event training.  50% of the work is just getting people to stop their grind and pay attention to you.  A well-crafted personal brand is how you do this.

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