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How Do You Know What Your Industry Standard Is?

By Kandice Alexander | November 29, 2021

Dress code.  It is a dirty phrase to some people.  To others it is a neat system of uniformity and consistency.  It is the definition of professionalism.  But what if your job or industry does

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How Does a Personal Brand Garner Trust With Your Audience?

By Kandice Alexander | November 15, 2021

We start forming opinions about people within seven seconds of seeing them.  Trustworthiness, professionalism, even your work ethic can all be communicated with your image.  In a highly competitive climate garnering trust is imperative to

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Who is YOUR audience?

By Kandice Alexander | November 1, 2021

One of my favorite business quotes is “Do not attract their clients, attract YOUR clients”.  I put “your” in all caps because that is the powerful part of the statement.  So many business owners get

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Why is Personal Brand So Underused?

By Kandice Alexander | October 18, 2021

We are in a new frontier of business development.  It requires a new skill set: well-cultivated personal branding.  Coaching, personal services, manufacturing, retail, and sales are becoming more and more about personal relationships and marketing

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How Do You Look Good On Camera?

By Kandice Alexander | October 4, 2021

It is not easy to look good on camera. No time has this been more noticeable then during the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic.  It has caused a seismic business shift that may not go away as

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How A Personal Brand Can Cut Your Work In Half

By Kandice Alexander | September 20, 2021

We all know that dressing up and looking good can be fun.  It boosts our confidence and makes us feel good but did you know that it also serves a very important business function?  It can do 50% of your work for you.

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Incorporating the 2021 Fall Fashion Trends into Your Professional Wardrobe

By Kandice Alexander | September 6, 2021

This year’s trend reports overflowed with ideas and inspiration; however, for the purpose of personal branding and keeping within a more “professional” arena I have chosen the top twelve that can be easily incorporated into any work wardrobe.

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What is the Difference Between Personal Image and Personal Brand?

By Kandice Alexander | May 27, 2021

Your personal image is a billboard. People start making assumptions about people within seven seconds of seeing them. This fact can be used as a powerful tool in the business arena, or it can be

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