How To Get a Return On Investment From Your Personal Brand

If you are reading this article, then odds are you are really good at what you do. 

People who are really good at what they do seek out ways to improve.  They want to always be learning.  One reason for this could be that you are not yet working with your dream clients.  Perhaps you are not at the level in your career you thought you would be by now.  You might feel like something is missing in your marketing, networking, or client acquisition plan.

It is very likely that the missing link is your personal brand.  If you do not get noticed, then you are not getting to do the work you are passionate about.  If you are not getting to do the work, then you do not get paid. 

A well-crafted, purposeful personal brand does many things to make you money.

  1. It attracts your desired clientele to you in half the work.  If you would like to learn more about this check out my blog post How A Personal Brand Can Cut Your Work In Half.
  2. It communicates your business message, your trustworthiness, and your professionalism without you having to open your mouth.
  3. It allows you to build relationships with more people.  These relationships lead to the sales pitches that lead to closed business.

All of this provides a return on the investment of cultivating a genuine personal brand.

Crafting a personal brand will require time.  It will require a financial investment of clothes, makeup, and hairstyling.  You may even want to hire a branding coach if you feel you need one on one assistance.  However, if it is done correctly it will pay for itself two-fold, three-fold, maybe even four-fold. 

When approaching personal brand cultivation it is better to think of it as sales coaching not personal styling.  Yes, you are designing the way you dress and plan your beauty routine but it is for the purpose of boosting your professional performance not just personal confidence.  Personal brand is a sales tool.  Just like you would hire a business coach for any other professional skill you should hire a coach for improving your personal brand.

On the subject of hiring a personal brand coach . . .

A lot of people do not want to put money into coaching.  On paper this may seem like a good idea.  If you are going to put money into new clothes, hair, makeup, and accessories why invest in the coaching too?

2 Reasons:

  1. Why only invest in half the system?  What is the point of having the personal brand elements and desire to use it for your ROI without really grasping what that means for you?
  2. A good personal brand coach will SAVE YOU MONEY.  Think of how much stuff you have in your closet right now that you barely or never wear.  Maybe you bought it for a single occasion that has past.  Maybe it looked gorgeous on the mannequin at the store but when you got it home it lost its luster.  Maybe you completely misjudged the dress code for your office and are now stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of clothing you cannot wear.  A coach would have helped to avoid all these money pitfalls.

When I work with my clients, we first determine what in your closet still works or could work differently with a few key additions.  The goal is to NOT spend as much as possible by leveraging what you already have. 

Then we shop very thoughtfully according to a list and we stick to the list.  If you are a shopaholic, I keep you focused and purposeful.  If you are the opposite and hate shopping, I make it fun by simplifying the process.

I hope this article has opened your mind to the possibility of making money off your personal brand.  If you would like to learn more follow me on Instagram @alexanderpersonalimagestyling or join my mailing list for weekly tips and tricks.