About Kandice Alexander

Alexander Personal Image Styling

I am Kandice Alexander, I hold degrees and certifications from Missouri State University and Missouri College of Cosmetology.

After spending twelve years in the theatre, event coordinating, and fashion retail industries, I discovered my true calling was to help people on an individual level.

I parlayed my knowledge from these fields, as well as, my love of skincare and makeup into a career where I can educate people on the life-altering effects of personal branding and professional image consulting.


Over the years I have helped recording artists, entrepreneurs, and leaders in philanthropy transform their personal brand into a people attracting, money-making power tool.

My mission is to deep dive into my clients’ image personality and desired audience to create a personal brand that has a return on investment.

I can also be found at my sister business, 5 Elements Esthetics and Makeup Studio, in Springfield, MO, and co-hosting the podcast, Boldly Beautiful.